About Us:

Our mission is to rediscover the variety and fullness of flavours, appreciating the food and wine products from Reggio Emilia and its territory.


Alimentiamo was born with the desire to share this search for excellence and to connect the most sophisticated palates with those realities where the know-how is passed on from generation to generation.

Mission and values:

Flavours and aromas of seasonal goods, genuinely grown respecting Nature, preferably organic: this is our promise.


If you are looking for those products growing and ripening in greenhouses all year long, if you are looking for preserves maintaining that same gelatinous appearance for months, this is not the right place.


It was when I got tired of products tasting exactly the same that I decided to create this website, to gather all the best produce from our Appennino and Pianura Reggiana and to introduce them to all those people eager to eat delicious and authentic foods.


We personally visited each farm providing the products you can find in our catalogue.


Sometimes it takes several hours off the beaten track to reach them; nonetheless, every time we rediscover the magic of nature, the rural traditions passed on from one generation to the next, the patience and due care, the love for their products, to ensure they develop their properties without rush to get them to the market before they are ripe and ready for consumption.


Moreover, we found out the organic labelling requires a very rigid protocol and that, for example,  using non-homologated millstones even on organically grown wheat or elevating crops above the ground may cause a revocation of the certificate.

Giona Cerlini

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Selected products

Our products carry a long history, the one of their farms.
Years of love and experience passed on to all we offer.

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Products from our territory

A strong mutual bond with our territory.
It donates to us and we take care of it with passion.

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Organic products

We always try to offer products respecting the pace of nature,
its rules and reflecting its beauty.

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Km0 Products

We were born in a rich land.
Rich in aromas, flavours and colours.
Our Km0 products represent their perfect combination.